Culinary Terms of Endearment

If you’re like me, food, the though of food, the SOUND of food, makes you happy.

Food-related terms make me happy.

Therefore I decided to put up a culinary dictionary or terms of endearment as I put it so that while we’re cooking, we’re staying educated!

Aioli (Ay-O-li) – Spicy mayonnaise. Typically mayo mixed with Garlic.

A la Mode- Dessert topped with ice cream.

Al Dente (Al-Den-tay) – “To the teeth”.  Pasta cooked with a bit of a bite to it.

Au Jus (Ah-zhew)- Roasted meat served in their own juices.

Bain Marie – Hot water bath to keep food hot.

Barbeque- Cook foods over an open flame.

Basting- Moistening food with fat (butter) while cooking.

Blackened- Cajun cooking method where food is seasoned with blackening spices then seared to give a crispy effect.

Boil- Heating water until bubbles break the surface.

Bolognese- Meat sauce also known as Ragu.

Braising- Cooking method where meat is first seared in fat, then cooked slowly in a small amount of liquid.

Roux – A mix of flour and butter cooked together and used as a thickening or base for sauces.

Breading- Coating meat/veggies in light layer of flour or bread crumbs for frying.

Brine (Brining)- A salt and water mixture used to pickle and preserve foods.

Broiling – Cooking on high heat from an overhead heat source. Typically the top of the oven using 500 degrees.

Browning – Caramelizing the surface sugars by searing the meat.

Brut- Dry Champagne or wine. Drier than “extra dry” wines.

Butterfly- Split food in half.

BOYB- Bring your own stuff!

……I’ll keep adding as I continue to work on the site!

One Response to “Culinary Terms of Endearment”
  1. Hey, you misspelled “nipple” in the first one. Never new an areola had anything to do with mayo. Who knew!

    Please don’t publish this comment, LMAO.

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