Chicken & Ritz! (Oven Fried)

So this year I decided to get my life together and really be more thoughtful about what I put into my body. That is hard to do when you are indoctrinated to love and desire certain foods. The southern girl in me will never part with Mac & Cheese, Grits, or other awesome fatty foods, … Continue reading

Chicken Taco Salad

Move OVER Chipotle! Everyone in the world knows that Chipotle is made purely of crack cocaine. I remember when I lived in Atlanta I must have eaten Chipotle about 3 times a week. Well now that I’m a student, I’m broke and that “Freshman 15” is real. So instead of hopping up and spending $6 … Continue reading

Chicken & Rice

Well it’s certainly WinterBoo Season and I love this time of the year very much. While I have a keeper, I still support the season and like to do my part to make sure that all bases are covered in the WinterBoo World. On my other blog I’ve posted applications and rules, over here I … Continue reading

Quesadillas & Tequila!

*Don’t forget to vote for JG* Runs The Kitchen for Best Cooking Blog in the 2010 Black Weblog Awards. Click Here* Often times I decide on what I’m going to cook depending on what genre I feel like enjoying. Or what country I feel like visiting with my taste buds. I’ll think “am I feeling … Continue reading

Chicken, Broccoli & Rice Cheesy Casserole

Shame on it all. I notice that I seem to really love cheese. It’s true. I’m no Urkel or anything, but I truly love the stuff.  So I wanted something chickeny, cheesy, yet with veggies, and this is what I came up with. It’s a pretty common meal, but it can be made a million … Continue reading

Chicken Parmesan

I know I have a lot of Italian styled recipes, but I also have a million more in my repertoire. I don’t know what got me to make this last night, perhaps it was the slim pickins’ in my freezer. Either way, I had never made this before last night and when I tell you … Continue reading