JG* STILL Runs The Kitchen!

I am so ashamed! Vacation happened, then school started (Orientation might was well be called Pre-school lol) and I lost my mind. I seemingly abandoned my readers and I feel extremely bad about that. Even worse, I have a MILLION recipes that I want to put up, I just cannot seem to find the time … Continue reading

JG* Runs The Kitchen Updates!

*Don’t forget to vote for JG* Runs The Kitchen for Best Cooking Blog in the 2010 Black Weblog Awards. Click Here* I must say that I’m really excited about the growth of this here blog. It’s been getting quite the red carpet treatment and I never expected that. I cannot say Thank You enough. I … Continue reading

JG* Runs The Kitchen Finalist For 2010 Black Weblog Awards!

*Note- This will not count as today’s post… consider this extra. :)* I’m SO EXCITED! *Jesse Spano freak out* Yesterday I hit up the Black Weblog Awards Finalist list to see what TheFreshXpress.com was nominated for and you cannot imagine my surprise when I saw that ME, I*, JG*! was nominated for an award for … Continue reading

JG* Runs The Kitchen Launches!

Greetings fellow foodies!! I am JG* and previously I was known for Running The City, however, now I’m a Southern girl living a Midwestern life. Currently I have no life. I’m chillin’ this summer before I start my MBA program in the fall so I volunteer, and do what I love the most. COOK! So … Continue reading