Banana Rum Bread Pudding

I’ve posted the blog before but here’s the actual recipe. I feel bad for telling people to just watch the video. This is one of the most awesomest desserts I make. Banana Rum Bread Pudding Prep Time: 30 mins Cook Time: 1 hour What you’ll need: 4 Eggs 1 1/4 C Dark Brown Sugar 3 … Continue reading

Sweet Lawd Sweet Potato Pie

**Don’t forget to vote for JG* Runs The Kitchen for Best Cooking Blog in the 2010 Black Weblog Awards. Click Here* Sweet Potato Pie is almost like Heaven coming down and creating a rainbow of happiness right on your tongue. I have a bit of a tradition among my friends of making Sweet Potato Pie … Continue reading

Mama Beau-Tie’s Lemon Delight

I got this recipe from The Beau’s Mother. She’s incredibly awesome and she’s a BEAST in the kitchen. Her macaroni & cheese is enough to make you make your mama slap your grandmama. I just love her to death. Whenever I visit I always make sure I go with my apron in hand because she’ll … Continue reading

Red Velvet Ice Cream Sandwiches

I’ve been a bit on a Red Velvet kick because I love it so much! LOL Either way, I wanted to make Red, White, & Blue versions of these for the fourth of July, but I ended up having so much to do that they got pushed to the wayside. I was going to make … Continue reading

Marnier Milkshakes

My daddy passed this down to me and it’s my favorite way to make a milkshake. I almost can’t have them any other way. Really simple, just a secret ingredient that takes a normal milkshake and kicks it straight in the forehead. I made these last week for The Beau and a friend, and they … Continue reading

Peach Cobbler So Easy A Caveman Could Do It

Who doesn’t love Peach Cobbler? I mean really. Who doesn’t love it? It’s like Sara Lee. (I recently discovered that the jingle is “Nobody doesn’t like Sara Lee.” I always thought it was “Nobody does it like Sara Lee.” Oh well. iDigress.) Everyone loves it, but it’s so time consuming to make dough, roll it … Continue reading