Sausage & Potato Frittata

As I get older I find myself getting deeper and deeper into my Southern ways. So much so that I now mix my food up. I went from hating to have it touch to making sure my fork has a bit of everything on it before I devour it. Kind of funny I suppose. I … Continue reading

Cake for Breakfast!!!

I made this cake for The Beau’s sister when her and her friends came to visit because I kinda like to show out. LOL it was her birthday and so I made them a big breakfast of tastiness! This cake though rocked socks. It was s0oooo good and perfect for breakfast. The flavor is Spice … Continue reading

Sinful Sunday Breakfast

This is a big one. This is for those days when you wake up, late for Church and you decide to stay in for Bedside Baptist. Or maybe Church was never in your sights but last night’s partying has your stomach begging for mercy. Here is a breakfast that will force you to wake up … Continue reading

Breakfast of Champions!

We’re 20-30-somethings that are always on the go right? One of the biggest issues that plagues our generation is that we don’t have enough time! There is just not enough time in a given day for us to get all that our Blackberry is reminding us to do done PLUS fit in time to eat … Continue reading

Red Velvet Waffles

*Note… all pictures that you see within the post are always mine from when I’ve finished preparing a meal. The display picture is sometimes a picture that I’ve found that looks more appealing* I love any and everything that is red velvet. I mean it. One day I saw someone tweet that they were having … Continue reading