I did an interview with myself and this is what it looked like. I’ll call it Jennifer vs. JG*.

Jennifer: So what made you start JG* Runs The Kitchen?

JG*: I love cooking, I’m always tweeting about what I’m cooking, and it seems like this would be the easier route.

Jennifer: Are you actually good at cooking?

JG*: I’d say so. I mean I’m no Food Network Star, but every day I try to think up something new or a new way of doing something old.

Jennifer: What’s your favorite dish?

JG*: To eat? Mac & Cheese. I’ll do all sorts of inappropriate things for a good southern Mac & Cheese. To prepare? Probably my slow cooker ribs. Easy and delish.

Jennifer: Who taught you how to cook? Who inspires you?

JG*: I get inspiration from any and everything. It’s crazy. My Daddy however is an amazing masterful chef in the kitchen. It takes him 30 mins just to make Ramen Noodles because he has to sautee mushrooms, onions, and dice up the cabbage.

Jennifer: What is your style of cooking?

JG*: Well I guess I’m a bit southern, a bit island, and a bit wannabe everything else. My family is from Bermuda which I suppose means I put a dash of sugar in everything. I was raised in the South so that of course means that I put butter in everything. I’m 25 so that means sometimes I have to cut back on the above ingredients to maintain my waistline.

…This interview went on for quite some time. No need to post it all, so I’ll just summarize.

I’m extremely random, I think I’m funny, and I live life like it’s fun because it is. I drink lots of wine and sometimes I splash it into my skillet.

I started this blog because ANYONE can cook. Sometimes I make complicated dishes, and sometimes I make not so complicated dishes, but I want to share on this site how anyone, even those who can’t even boil water can become amazing cooks in the kitchen! So I hope you enjoy the ride!

I’ll post full meal recipes along with A La Carte recipes. Party ideas, desserts, wine parings, cooking tips, quick meals, you name it!

Shout out to my bachelors out there who know how to work the kitchen!

Shout out to my 20-somethings that are proof that the cooking gene is still alive and shout out to my divas that look good doing it!

Let’s Go!

Sugar Kisses!


5 Responses to “About”
  1. This is a pretty dope concept a black cooking blog!!…I dig man I dig man(In my Varnel Hill voice)

  2. Diego Hodge says:

    JG I was wondering when you were going to get a site like this. I just didn’t know that you were going to do it this BIG!! Consider me a fan, well done.

  3. Stumbled across the blog because of your clever tweets about new posts. I’m salivating just looking at the pictures and the names of the recipes.

  4. Idu Charles says:

    I have a crush on you JG. Yeah…I said it. Keep it up!!!!

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