JG* Runs The Kitchen Updates!

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I must say that I’m really excited about the growth of this here blog. It’s been getting quite the red carpet treatment and I never expected that. I cannot say Thank You enough. I just wanted to let you guys know that I will be stepping my game up. I know I don’t have fancy nancy plates, or really pretty pictures. I actually prided myself on “keeping it real” but many of you who know me know that I’m over-the-top and prissy. That being said, in a few weeks I’ll actually own a camera again so the pictures will be WORLDS better, and I’ll have nicer plates. 🙂 I want to take this blog seriously, because eventually I’ll take my recipes to print.

Also I will have MORE variety in my recipes. Seafood, Vegetarian dishes, different genres, you name it. Some recipes I have I don’t yet have pictures for.

So if you follow my blog now, you’ll LOVE what I have in store. So please, tell ya kids, tell ya wives, and ya husbands too cuz we feedin everybody out here!



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