JG* Runs The Kitchen Finalist For 2010 Black Weblog Awards!

*Note- This will not count as today’s post… consider this extra. :)*

I’m SO EXCITED! *Jesse Spano freak out* Yesterday I hit up the Black Weblog Awards Finalist list to see what TheFreshXpress.com was nominated for and you cannot imagine my surprise when I saw that ME, I*, JG*! was nominated for an award for Best Cooking Blog! I was surprised because I know there are more than 5 black cooking blogs on the interwebs and yet I made the cut. Very cool. I am humbled, and I want to thank every single person that reads my blog and those that nominated me. 🙂

With that being said, my birthday is this month, I’m a leo, and I’m competitive. Basically, I want to win. Competition is STEEEEEEEP. I LOVE the other blogs that are nominated, but I want to win! Plus, it’s my birthday! Help me win. 🙂

I think the other blogs that are nominated are amazing and it makes me so happy to be in their company. I will say that I do believe my blog still offers something a bit different. For one thing I’ve just started out, so I have a long ways to go in terms of building up my repertoire. Also, I like to present recipes that all my 20-somethings (and up!) can recreate and make their own. So often I hear my generation say “I can’t cook, I don’t cook, I want to learn, I need to learn, I want someone who can cook” and I decided to remedy all of that with this blog. I have some Fancy recipes and some very out the box dishes, and eventually I will post those too, but for now I want to take my readers on a ride and allow them to grow as cooks!

I don’t have fancy plates, or cool photography (yet), and my vlogs are rather bootleg, but it’s a start, and I believe my readers appreciate it.

So please, help me win this award and do so by voting! Click here to cast your votes. It is a form that is 6 pages long but doesn’t really take long.

Also make sure you cast votes for

We’re all one big family!

Click the pic to be taken to the voting form.

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