Breakfast of Champions!

We’re 20-30-somethings that are always on the go right? One of the biggest issues that plagues our generation is that we don’t have enough time! There is just not enough time in a given day for us to get all that our Blackberry is reminding us to do done PLUS fit in time to eat good.

I have solutions!

Breakfast is THE most important meal of the day and it should never be skipped. Add to that, YOU need to eat more fruits and veggies! Yes you! ME? I’m good. (c) The Clipse Ft. Pharrell.

Ok so from now for breakfast you are going to have a delicious fruit bowl! And to make it even easier, you are going to prepare a week’s worth of fruit Sunday night and have it all in the refrigerator waiting for you every morning! Here’s how!

Start with a Cantaloupe

Slice in half

Use a fork to scoop out the seeds

Slice each half in half making 4 quarter. Make horizontal (or vertical I guess depending on how you configure the piece) slices along the width of the fruit.

CAREFULLY using your sharp knife, begin carving the fruit away from the skin. Slowly sliding your knife back and forth right where the skin meets the fruit all the way across.

Slide the fruit off of the skin. And cut the slices perpendicular to the other cuts.

Now you’ll have several bite-sized chunks of cantaloupe! Now repeat the above steps with a watermelon.

And what you’ll be left with is an awesome bowl of fruit that didn’t cost a whole lot, will feed you for a week, and it won’t take time out of your mornings!

Add to this some grapes, strawberries, cherries, and other on-the-go bite-sided finger fruits and every morning you’ll go from 0-60! Maybe even some yogurt as a topping!? The options are endless!

You have no excuse! Eat your breakfast!

Sugar Kisses!


4 Responses to “Breakfast of Champions!”
  1. Reecie says:

    well don’t you look cute in your apron!

    I eat a lot of fruit, but I have NOT had any melons yet this year! I wish I had read this yesterday when I went grocery shopping! I will have to pick me up a cantaloupe or honey dew next time.

    • jg14 says:

      Thanks Sis!!! I think melons are great to use because they are big and for their size they are cheap. So they last a while, taste great, and don’t cost much!

  2. Chris T. says:

    I love you for this!

  3. Wow! I never eat breakfast and it’s always because I don’t have time. But I just found a remedy…I mean you pretty much laid it out from beginning to end. Not only am I going to do this, I’m going to share with some friends.

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