JG* Runs The Kitchen Launches!

Greetings fellow foodies!! I am JG* and previously I was known for Running The City, however, now I’m a Southern girl living a Midwestern life. Currently I have no life. I’m chillin’ this summer before I start my MBA program in the fall so I volunteer, and do what I love the most. COOK! So that is what this blog is about. I sent a tweet out to my people to see if I started a cooking blog would anyone read it and the feedback was awesome!

So here’s what JG* Runs The Kitchen is all about. I love cooking and I enjoy sharing my love with everyone else. I post pics all the time of what I’m cooking and this just makes it much easier. Plus, I’m tired of hearing that women born after 1980 cannot cook. I certainly can! I cook because I like to EAT, and I love seeing the itis-face on The Beau once he’s done devouring one of my meals. I’m tired of my homegirls lamenting that they cannot cook, but they want to, and they need help. Help has arrived! I’m tired of my homeboys stumbling and fumbling around in the kitchen. Just come to my site! I typically cook from scratch or at the most semi-homemade. What I make is usually easy but extremely impressive. Sometimes I’ll google recipes just for suggestions on timing, and methods of cooking, but even when I get a super cool recipe I tweak it to my own flavor.

So I’ll be posting recipes complete with pictures and how to’s as well as vlogs! What’s really cool is that I’m going to allow any of my readers to email me recipes to share too! Awesometastic!

That about sums up the awesomeness of what this site will be. If you were one of my tweeple that encouraged me to start this blog, Thank You. From the bottom of my measuring cup! I hope you enjoy, and let’s get this thing started!

Sugar Kisses!


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